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Telehealth appointments are a great option if you're unable to make it in to visit us at one of our face-to-face locations. Our dietitians are available via phone consultation or video link during our regular consulting hours. See below for more information. 


Who is telehealth for?

Telehealth appointments are available for anyone who is unable to make it into our clinics face-to-face. This might be due to distance or time limitations, those with disabilities making it difficult to mobilise or if you are too sick to attend in person. 

What do I need to have to access telehealth? 

For phone consultations, you simply need to have access to a mobile phone or landline number. We recommend finding a quiet, private space in which to complete your appointment. 

For video calls, you will need access to a computer or mobile device which has a webcam and microphone facilities. You will be sent a link via email prior to your appointment. Again, we recommend finding a quiet and private place for your video call to take place. 

Will I get the same service with a telehealth appointment? 

Yes, fortunately for dietitians most of our work together is completed verbally so telehealth works really well. If educational resources or tools are discussed during your consultation, your dietitian will email a copy of these to you after your appointment. 

Are there any limitations to telehealth appointments? 

If measures such as weight are relevant to your treatment, we are unable to do these via telehealth. If you can, we ask that you take your weight the morning of your telehealth appointment and provide this to your dietitian during your consultation. Likewise, if you have documents to provide your dietitian such as copies of blood tests or completed food diaries, please email these to your dietitian before your appointment. 

How is payment processed for a telehealth appointment? 

Payment is processed online after your appointment. Your dietitian will ask you to provide your credit or Visa debit card details which will be entered and stored securely on our practice management software system, ready to use again for your next appointment if needed. If you need a receipt, please ask your dietitian and a copy will be emailed through to you.

Will I still be able to access my Medicare or private health rebates? 

Yes, if you have a Medicare referral from your GP you will still be able to access your rebate if your appointment is completed via telehealth. 

Many private health insurers will cover telehealth appointments, but it is best to check your policy as all health funds and policies are different. We can process your private health rebate online via Medipass after your consultation or, alternatively, we can take payment via credit or Visa debit card and email you a receipt which you can submit to your health fund. 

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