We offer one-on-one dietary consultations at a number of Brisbane locations to assist you in reaching your health goals.
Phone consultations and telehealth are also available to those who need it, just let us know when booking your appointment.

Initial Consultations

45-60 minutes

In your first consultation we will spend time completing a thorough nutrition assessment. This will involve asking questions about your current concerns, your medical and family histories, and your current lifestyle including eating habits and activity.


Your personal health goals will be discussed and we will work together to generate practical strategies, based on your strengths and weaknesses, to guide you in the direction of achieving these goals. Written resources may be provided during your consultation alongside education and dietary advice.

Review Consultations

20-30 minutes

Review consultations are held at intervals based on your needs, and are recommended to enable you to receive ongoing support and education. They also provide us with the opportunity to monitor your improvements and to adjust strategies where necessary.